The Banana Bread that would NOT bake

1 Nov


Yesterday, after having looked at the quickly-browning bananas on my kitchen counter multiple days in a row, I finally decided I would “bite the bullet”, pull out the cookbook, and bake banana bread.


I got out all the necessary ingredients and quickly began to measure, pour & stir.  Oven set to 350? Check!  Grease the bottom of the bread pan?  Check! Add chopped nuts to mixture?  Check!


Things were looking good.


I poured the banana bread mixture into the bread loaf pan, and began to clean the kitchen while waiting for the bread to bake.  Every 15 minutes or so I checked the bread with a toothpick to see how it was coming along.  Things were going well.


Cleaning, organizing, listening to the radio.  I was making progress!  Picking up, putting away, singing a tune in my head, praying for the upcoming presidential elections when I looked out the window.


I went to check the bread again.  I was beginning to think I had baked a recipe called “stubborn bread.”  This bread would NOT bake.  RGH!  What was I gonna do?  The top of the loaf was browning nicely, but the middle kept showing as gooey, slimey, sticky and STUBBORN.  (I think the bread was trying to imitate my occasional stubborn attitude. Remember I am German & Irish? That means double stubborn.)


I thought to myself “Worst case scenario, I bake the bread for too long, and it burns, it tastes bad, and I throw it away.  Well at least I tried.”  But, I wasn’t about ready to give up.


Said I with a smug look “If this bread isn’t gonna bake, I will MAKE IT BAKE.  I will leave it in the oven till it decides it’s not gonna be stubborn any more and it will turn out just fine.”


The bread baked for a while longer.  I don’t even know how much longer it was in the oven.  I was beginning to think it would take several hours to bake this cookie, . . . er loaf.


Welp, guess what.  It turned out just fine.  It tastes delicious, especially with butter on it:) And that is the story of my banana bread that would NOT BAKE.


The end.


2 Responses to “The Banana Bread that would NOT bake”

  1. Kathleen the Queen November 1, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    I am awaiting a little morsel of that banana bread. I am sure it was worth all your patience and effort. The tea pot is whistling….come over Rachel!

  2. Rfog November 2, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    I’ll be over 🙂

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