When you pray for humility . . . . . .!!!

19 Oct

Be careful what you pray for.  And by that I mean you have to realize that, yup, when you pray for humility, be prepared to be humiliated.

When I recently prayed for humility, I realized that I must be prepared for what God would like to give me in answer to my prayers.  That being said, the answer to my prayers has been multiple embarrassing events.  All rather small events, mind you, but nevertheless a chance for me to say goodbye to pride and open the door to humility in the form of embarrassing moments.

Such said events happened twice lately when I existed the restroom only to realize my shirt had been accidentally tucked in, which I realized in the form of funny looks from co-workers.  OOPS!

Other events have involved calling my co-workers the wrong name TO THEIR FACE.  ON ACCIDENT.  Funny?   Yes.  Embarrassing?  Yes.

Another incident happened while I was on the phone with a customer at work.  Two different replies collided in my head, and I was unable to pick apart the two different thoughts before they existed my mouth, which resulted in a merging of garble and nonsense from said mouth.  The customer probably thought I was an idiot.  I sounded fine until that moment when everything came out of my mouth in what sounded like a mixture of German, Dutch and Latin.  Hmmm :-p

One of the biggest, most note-worthy incidents of late happened Wednesday night.  I was at my parent’s house helping paint.  Seeing that my brothers little dog was restless and probably needed to be let outside for a little bit, I took the dog out of her cage and proceeded to the front door.  When I opened the front door, I put the dog down thinking she would automatically run out the door.  

Welp, I was wrong.  Dead wrong.

The dog turned a 180 on me, and promptly ran into a tray of paint!!!!  Naturally, I scooped up the dog right away to prevent her from running around and getting paint all over the floor.  AND that’s when it happened.  Paint began to drizzle from the dog’s fur ALL.OVER.MY.CLOTHES.  I hurriedly ran the dog to the tub to clean her off.  By the time I was able to change and try to rinse out the paint from my clothes, it was too late.  The paint was stuck.  My athletic pants which I loved so dearly now had a delightful pattern called “paint drizzle” all over the front of them.  The neon orange t-shirt with a big smiley face on the back now had paint splattered on the front.


Yes, I got what I prayed for: the opportunity to kiss my pride goodbye and welcome humility with open arms, punctuated with paint!


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