To rap or not to rap

4 Oct

Okay, here is something funny and it’s okay to laugh out loud ;-D  If you had known me ten years ago and had asked me what I think of the music genre known as “rap”, I would have told you “It sounds terrible, it makes my heart pound if it’s too loud, it’s sounds like the “singer” is shouting, it’s not enjoyable or soothing, and if I’m in the room or in the nearby area, please turn it down or you’ll very quickly get an irritated and annoyed me.”

Fast-forward 10 years.

If you ask me “Do you like rap?”  I will reply “yes and no.”  (Yes, I love me some rhythm & beat.)

Now here’s where the slope gets a little slippery and you might want to ask me, “What?  I thought you didn’t like rap – can you please explain?”

Okay, let’s rewind twenty years.  While growing up, my song collection was comprised of Disney Songs, nursery rhymes and lyrical tunes that I learned from family & friends.  Anything that was not happy, peppy & jumpy, or melodic & soothing was not for me.  I love the beat that causes me to do a happy dance involving impromptu freestyle, as well as the more elegant rhythm of waltz, rhumba and fox trot.  (As I sit here typing trying to describe the specific music style, I am jiving around in my office desk chair:)

I have come to appreciate the rhythm and beat of rap because of the ability to dance/jive to the beat.  If you can’t catch the beat you are hard pressed for knowing how to dance along.

Because of my more recent inclination to listening to the moderate, censored rap songs, I have engaged in the idea of learning how to break dance.  (Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself “this girl is a weirdo.”)

Well, let’s not be so hasty now:)

My love for music and dance is almost equal in my enjoyment of being able to express myself while doing so.  I know that sounds silly, but yes, singing and dancing are in fact a beautiful way to express oneself.  Not to digress, let me get back to rap!

Insofar as one is able to express oneself while dancing, I’ve found that I enjoy rap and dancing along to it, partly because those who “observe” as I “perform” are more surprised by ME doing this, than the fact that I’m singing and/or dancing!  I do not, by any means, have an amazing voice, although I can carry a tune and hit notes fairly accurately.  I am not, by any means, an amazing dancer, but I am light on my feat, am known by a few to have “the moves”, and love making people laugh while I attempt to look and dance like a punk rapper.

Recently on a canoe trip with a group of friends, I spontaneously turned by white baseball hat around and put it on backwards, and without rehearsal, started rapping to the popular song “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.  Ahh, it was amazing!!  I don’t know where it came from, but it was a “beautiful” 😉 success!

In closing, if I could have but one request, here’s to clean, censored, laugh-causing rap music!


P.S. I’d enjoy your opinion on rap!




2 Responses to “To rap or not to rap”

  1. djclockwork77 October 25, 2012 at 2:50 am #

    I like rap, but I hate the stuff on the radio these days…

    In the golden days, rap was just one aspect of Hip-Hop culture, where the MC’s would spend hours carefully crafting their rhymes and beats to make something that would be more amazing than the last thing that came out. A friendly competition (mostly) where you wanted to make someone else admire the cleverness of a metaphor usage, or wonder where you got your snare sound, or look up the album credits to see where you got your sample from. It was a poetry slam before poetry slams became cool again. It was using words simply for the percussive sounds that their syllables made, and then intertwining them with the kick and snare, while still painting pictures with phrases that a casual listener would struggle to follow. I loved the challenge of making such music, and the way my friends would light up and geek out when they heard what I made.

    Some might think rap is evil, but I have used it as a vehicle for the Gospel. I’ve performed in front of Caribbean congregations in Canada, and at youth detention centers, and rap music is what gave me street cred, such that they would listen to what else I had to say…

    If you want to check some of my stuff out, look for dj_clockwork777 on, or look for me at 🙂

  2. Rfog October 31, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    Thanks for your input! I agree that rap music can be an effective avenue for spreading the Gospel to those who might otherwise walk away. Keep up your passion for faith and music – they are a wonderful combination!

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