28 Sep


When I was in grade school I took a computer course titled “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.”  Taking this course was one of the best things I have done for myself.  I learned finger placement and learned how to type without looking at the keys.  Not only was this course fun and informative – it has also proven to be very rewarding.  The biggest reward I received because of my speedy fingers was a couple months ago.

It happened while I was at work one day.  My boss started teasing me about my “speedy fingers.”  I heard everything from “Speedy McQueen” to “Her typing sounds like a babbling brook.”  The teasing was more like compliments because, yes, I like the fact that I can type quickly.  The teasing increased over time and my boss eventually stated, “We need to have a typing test.”  Knowing that I would probably have at least 20 WPM over him, I heartily agreed.  My boss kept bringing up the idea of having a typing test, but with no follow-up to the idea.

Finally the day came.

My boss challenged me to the test.  He asked me, “Do you like to drink coffee?”  I unhesitatingly said “yes!”  He then suggested that whichever of us lost the typing test, that person would bring the winner of the typing test hand-delivered coffee for the rest of the week (we had the test on a Monday.)  (In my mind I was thinking, “he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into” . . . mwahahaha! . . . yes, I was, perhaps, just slightly over-zealous that morning. . .)

And so it began.

My boss sent me a link to a website where it would give the person a paragraph to type, and the program would count WPM.   On the count of three, we were off.  The first try was a flunk.  I didn’t read the directions completely before I began.  (OOPS!)  So, when my boss triumphantly looks over to my desk and asks, “So how many did you get?!?!?!”  (I think he was secretly determined to get a higher WPM count :)  I replied with “Uhh. . . not many.”  He suggested “Well, that was a test run, so the next test will be the actual test.”  In my mind I was thinking, “I didn’t need a test, but whatever.”  (Here again my pride bubbling up in me. . . )

We regained composure, readied our fingers, and BAM!  WE WERE OFF!

Fingers flying, computer keys clicking, meticulous perfection, don’t make mistakes, keep going fast, keep going, almost there, come on, come on.  . . . . . .  WHEW!  Done.  Sigh of relief.  The typing test was complete.    Now for the winner.  Who will get hand-delivered coffee???  We were both a little hesitant to say how many WPM we each got.

My boss looks over with a big smile on his face and asks, “Ok, what did you get?!”

A grin of satisfaction appeared on my face.  “I got 90.”

“WHAT?!?!?!  You got 90?!  Holy moly!”

“How many did you get?!?!”


Me now trying to rub in the fact that I totally beat my boss to the typing challenge asked him, “Now, who gets hand-delivered coffee for the rest of the week?  Mhhmmm?”

Every day after that when my boss would walk in the door would ask right away, “Ready for coffee?”

Thank you, Mavis Beacon, you taught me well:)


One Response to “WPM”

  1. ancillajc December 7, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

    I remember the days of Mavis Beacon! Fun times!

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