20 Sep



Chivalry is one of the most attractive attributes a guy can possess.  Read slowly and let it sink in:  Chivalry is one of the most attractive attributes a guy can possess.  It’s the attribute that is expressed through genuine, sincere and heartfelt actions.  When a guy is chivalrous, thoughtful, sincere, and kind towards me, it makes my heart flutter.  My heart does that little flutter even when my dad and brothers do something out of their way for me to show me that I am loved and that they care for me.
Chivalrous acts are what remind us women that: we are women of God, we are worth fighting for, we have God-given dignity and we are to be respected. Chivalry is what makes the guy want to be the “knight in shining armor” (most often the guy is not wearing shining armor, but rather invsi-armor, and I’m sure there is chain-mail armor inside guarding his heart as well.)  I love seeing any guy being chivalrous for any girl, and I love seeing that look on the guy’s face as he’s offering his seat, lending a hand, holding the door open, going the extra step to do something meaningful for women.  That look on on the guy’s face is the look of “I like being a gentleman to women, and I love the sense of nobility and knowing that I’m making a difference to this woman.”  (Ahh, there goes my heart fluttering 🙂

Chivalry is a two-way street.  Guys are gentlemanly, and women are lady-like.  Guys who are sincerely gentlemen need to know that we, as women, appreciate their gestures of chivalry.  These gestures they carry out are: opening the door for us, giving us their seat, offering their jacket when we are cold, and anything else that they do to go out of their way to let us know that they appreciate us and that they care for us.  We, in return, must let them know we appreciate their chivalry, acts of nobility, gestures that make our hearts go pitter-pat (yes, even if your heart does not go pitter-pat).  It is a kind action for the lady to reply with a smile, a simple word of thanks, or . . . . . . get ready for it . . . . . telling the guy that you appreciate his being a gentleman.  It can be as simple as “You are such a gentleman, thank you!”  These gestures of thanks speak VOLUMES for guys.
Shhh…..Now here’s a secret I’m going to share with you that, put into practice, will make the guys appreciate us all the more and will have them trying even harder to be more chivalrous.  Are you ready for this????  . . . . . . . . . . .  No really . . . are you ready?  OKay, here it is: 
Guys need words of affirmation.  They need words of affirmation just as much as women do.  Yep, I said it.  It’s true.  It’s fact.  Guys need words of affirmation.  See, here’s the deal: guys, by nature, have this innate desire to prove their manliness.  Whether the guy is with another girl, whether he’s with his own family, whether he’s with a group of guys, a guy has a need to prove that he is a real man.  If a guy is belittled, treated poorly or without respect, if his opinion is mocked, it makes him feel hurt.  “Does a guy show his hurt?”  Not usually.  That’s because guys have to prove they are tough too, so if they let on that they are hurt, they become more prone to ridicule.  Sad but true.  So, my words of advice: give the guys encouragement to be chivalrous, manly, heroic.
Chivalry.  Manliness.  Sincerity.  Ahhh. . . . . (pitter pat goes my heart)  Chivalry is encouraged by us women reciprocating the chivalrous actions and returning the chivalry with our gratitude.
Chivalry is one of the most attractive attributes a guy can possess.  If you believe this, let the guys know you believe it by being a lady in return.

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