40 Days for Life

18 Sep

Recently I was thinking about the annual campaign, 40 Days for Life.  For the past two campaigns I’ve been a “tent captain” for an hour each week on a given day.  My duty as such has been to ensure that silence it maintained in the tent while those who are in attendance are praying for the unborn.  So, here’s the picture to help you vistualize:  On one side of the street there is our tent – a big white canopy tent for sheltering those out in “the elements” while they offer up their time and prayers so that the lives of the unborn could be spared from the crime of abortion, and for the sanctity of all life from conception until natural death.  Directly across the street from the tent is an old abortion mill that is open one or two days a week.  (Even the sound of such an ungodly place sounds like it is deep down in a dark place.)  A couple offices down the street from the abortion mill is the Women’s Care Center.  Several times during the past campaign, as I was driving to the location to pray, I would say out loud in the car, “BABIES!!!  I’M coming to RESCUE YOU!”  This would give me my adrenaline rush and that boost of courage to pray in public – something that is sometimes difficult for me to do.

Last week I thought of something in regard to the innocent unborn and wanted to share my thoughts with you.  You know that quote that says something along the lines of “It’s the little things in life that count.”  Well, here’s my version, “It’s the little things in life that count. That means us.” – The Unborn Babies  They are so innocent and vulnerable and their lives DEPEND ON US.  Yes, that’s right.  Even though we don’t know 1/1000 of the unborn babies out there, they still depend on each and every person who has the ability to speak and/or pray, to defend their right to life, so that one day they may also be able to know and enjoy the life that we are blessed with.

Starting September 26th, 2012, with the launching of yet another campaign for 40 Days for Life, I will yet again shout out, “BABIES, HERE I COME!  I’M COMING TO RESCUE YOU!!!!”

Will you join me?


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